In this second wave of our international study we get to understand the changing opinions of employees about worklife in-line with current phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following our wave-one study at the start of April, we reveal new insights designed to help organisations understand what they should be doing right now to support engagement, performance and wellbeing, as well as look at how they will need to manage expectations as we start to think about worklife after lockdown. Our second report reveals:

  • Employees high levels optimism about the prospect of returning to their normal place of work and the early signs that employee engagement is in recovery;
  • What employees need from their remote manager to help the plug the productivity gap;
  • Expectations of worklife after lockdown and recognition by employees of the impact of the pandemic on future workforce plans;
  • Insights into what employees need from communications right now to get them through and prepare for the second new normal.

  • For this and more, simply complete the form to download a copy of the research, conducted in 24 hours on April 24 2020, covering the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and the USA.