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"I was on your webinar this morning and it was excellent. It's rare to get 30 minutes of really interesting useful information without a big sell. Thank you very much!"

About the Webinar

This 30 minute webinar (recorded 7th Feb 2019) explores what’s next for employee engagement in 2019! It provides valuable insight behind our five engagement priorities for 2019; organisational change, voice of the employee, confidence in the future, supported progression, & the fair exchange (value and reward). We focus on these issues in-order-to increase employee engagement and create an environment where people can thrive.

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By watching this webinar recording, HR professionals will be given an unbiased perspective on what aspects of Work Life define highly engaged employees, where to close the gap for those whom work is ‘just a job’, and how to handle and address external factors that may affect employee engagement (mental health, Brexit, the rise of the next generation, increasing automation and decline of blue collar economies, etc.).

Creating a great place to work is especially critical during turbulent times, and our insights will help keep you ahead of what’s next.


Vijay Mistry - Head of Employee Research

Vijay’s 10-year career as an employee research specialist provides him with valuable experience on employee engagement issues such as the employee lifecycle, employee engagement, organisational culture, change management, and inside-out customer experience. He consistently challenges organisations to do more and get more out of their research.

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