Unlocking potential in products and services

A powerful technique for measuring consumer preferences and trade-offs for different product and service features, benefits and prices, to optimise the right combination to drive stronger purchase levels.

Choice Express is a standardised, yet high quality, actionable solution, designed by our experts to save you time and money in set-up and delivery. It can be delivered in around one week at half the price of a bespoke option.

What’s more, easy, interactive outputs enable you to simulate numerous scenarios for product or service optimisation and impact, in a competitive context

  • Find out which features influence choice and are necessary vs desired.
  • What the optimal feature/price combination is.
  • How much consumers will pay for a new feature.
  • What the uplift in a new introduction will be/check it doesn’t cannibalise the current line.
  • How your offer compares against key competing brands.

Choice Express is built on years of best practice research expertise. At the end of the survey clients receive a simulator enabling them to run many different ‘what if’ scenarios. Our methodologists and experts will help to interpret the output and what it means for your business.

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